Surprising Reading Facts (Infographic)

UPDATE: An infographic I posted a several months ago has produced much¬†interest. Several websites used the graphic on their own pages which has caused large numbers of people to blow up my email wondering about my statistical sources. First, I created the graphic because I’m a book lover and wanted to express my passion for […]

Book Graphic


3 Surprising Reasons God Commands Worship

When I was studying to be a public school administrator we spent a lot of time looking at law. In particular we studied the difference between the word “shall” and “may.” Legally, the difference between these two words involves your job. “May” is an option–it’s your choice. “Shall” is a command. People often say that […]

Why I Didn’t Like Gateway Worship

The first time I attended Gateway Church I didn’t like the worship. They seemed overly excited to sing. So I stood there–in the back, with a clenched jaw, and hands buried deep in my pockets. My resistance to take part was odd to me, because I thought I was a worshipper. But there I was, […]

Gateway Worship


Father Fail or Father of the Year?

This is Tommy Jordan. He created a YouTube video last week describing a Facebook status from his daughter. I won’t link to the video because the language is harsh. It was shared quite openly on Facebook. If you haven’t seen it, search on YouTube. Here’s the gist: Mr. Jordan’s daughter posted on Facebook a letter […]